Laffik's Latest

Baaaan!!! Baaaaan!!!! Baaaaan!!!!
Runners times five.

Control theory simulation

Shit punks banned this movie too. Banned for a track played in the room, in the ambience. SP records had crumpled, Kazik doesn't play anymore and now famous lawyers pop out with pursuits and ban wherever they develop that they can. Inheritors gonna squeeze last shit of what they lawyers can, till the world ends. Did Kazik get even a beer? Misery in law.

Fat Boy Scrim
l'Dupa w podwójnym build-up'ie

decks'n'stand-up 2024 mix

Sadists were hustling to go to London, sadists will hustle to go to Kujawy. Sadists are already throwing bananas: most copyright infriging movie on YouTube. Same like usual: mine. Mostly because it is mine, no copyright infridgement here. Sadists also banned my published tracks from further publishing it on YouTube by me. Thieves. I never sold exclusive rights to any of my tracks. Crawling lawyers brains don't know how to go straight. Famous You Tube has nothing to do with the one it was at website opening. It will be Teee Veee one day!!!! Very fucken political institution it is. Bravo!

Bit Laid Off Drum And Bass Set
With Blends On Ambients

Las revinu of Universal Pictures
and TV licence 29-30.01.2024.

Drum and bass set of most recent tracks still yet published on vinyls. Plus some over a quater of a century old! Bit laid off set, still cool though. Repressed as fcuk. Banned from YouTube website, still available in embed though. No shit's more stupid, than censorship - dnb sets are everywhere, pop shit bitches and noone bans it. Keep on begging me for my anger! Extortion ruts and hypertwats!

Laugh Feek - 140 BPM

Laffik explores iZotope's Ozone frequency matching and phase alignment on variety of acoustic percusionals.

La Feeque - Easy Wheasy

Laffik in 3:40 zone, reworking various lyrical motifs known from pop music.

Laffik - Hardcore Funk

Great quadrilogy of lyrical, instrumental motifs. Album transcripts various melodies, famous and not so famous, that are adapted in hardtrance style.

Laffik alias DJ Septigenix - Break Suktive System

Laffik's Drum and bass collection. Beats mixed with spooky ambients. Acoustic drums and samplepacks with basses made of layered effects. Each track is complex of projects, making modular structure. 169BPM, low-pitched subbas and cepstrum for sonic comfort.

Massive Feedback Loops (2017 version)

Dubstep track composed on oscillators and shaper with equalization.

Invention in C major

Short invention composed by gradation of intervals arranged for piano.

Invention in C minor

Short invention composed by gradation of intervals arranged for lead, chords and bass. For headphones.


One of the first tracks made in Renoise. Track composed for Indamixx competition in 2009.