Laffik's Studios

Production studio:

Production equipment:

Samsung R720 2-core 2GHz laptop
Philips 32" HD Smart TV
Behringer VMX-100 mixer
Cambridge Audio Topaz AM5 amplifier
American Audio TTD-2400 turntable
Ortofon Concorde Pro S stylus
Denon DCD-720AE CD player
Alesis QX49 keyboard
Eltax Concept 180 speakers
Audio Technica ATH-M50 monitor headphones

Recording equipment:

TEAC Tascam DR-60D MKII recorder
Zoom H1 recorder
pair of AKG P120 microphones
Roland CS-10EM binaural microphones
Sony HDR-CX105 camera
YU-33 Pro-Sound Uni-Directional Dynamic microphone

Synthesizer equipment:

Behringer RD-9
Behringer RD-8
Behringer RD-6-RD
Behringer TD-3-MO-AM
Behringer TD-3-BK
Behringer TD-3-TG
Behringer MX-400

Acoustic instruments:

Black Mapex MPX Maple Snare 14"x6.5"
Essential Percussion Metal Snare 14"
Remo 14" Controlled Sound Coated Snare Head
Remo Ambassador 14" Hazy Bottom Snare Skin
PureSound 40 Strand 14" Snare Wire
IKN Dual Ended Soft Felt 5B Wood Tip Mallets
Regal Tip Snare Brushes
Regal Tip 5A Drumsticks
pair of Paiste PST 3 16" Cybals
Paiste PST 3 20" Ride
Stagg BW-200-BK Bongo
Balinese Wind Chimes
Tiger Half Moon Tambourine
Frog Guiro
MagiDeal Steel Sand Shaker
Meinl ESSET Egg-Shakers Set
Meinl PMWB1-L Wood Block
Club Salsa F835250 Cabasa
A-Star Kokiriko
Percussion Plus Tone Block Agogo
Tiger 6" Triangle
Stentor Jews Harp
2.2kHz C#7 Wooden Birdie Whistle

Virtual studio:


FLStudio Producer Edition
IL Harmor
IL Harmless
IL Ogun
IL Sakura
IL Drumaxx
IL Newtone
IL Pitcher
IL Sytrus
IL Maximus
IL DirectWave
IL Hardcore
IL Morphine

NI Absynth 5
NI Massive 5
NI Reaktor 5
NI Prism
NI Scanner
NI Kontakt 5
NI Guitar Rig 5
NI Session Strings
NI Driver

Tone2 FireBird2
Tone2 FilterBank3 Synth
Tone2 Icarus2
Tone2 RayBlaster
Tone2 Nemesis
Tone2 Saurus2
Tone2 Electra2
Tone2 Gladiator3
Tone2 BiFilter2
Tone2 FilterBank3
Tone2 Warmverb

Waves Q10
Waves L2
Waves RBass
Waves TrueVerb

AAS Chromaphone
AAS String Studio VS-2

Quick Quack Pitch Wheel
Quick Quack Glass Viper

Modartt Pianoteq Play 3
Izotope Ozone 5
Melda Multiband Transient
Voxengo Deconvolver


Zero-G - Jungle Warare CD 1, 2, 3
Zero-G - Jungle Frenzy
Zero-G - Total Drums - Bass Drums, HiHats, Snare Drums
Zero-G - Smoke
Zero-G - Gloss
Zero-G - Dance Vocals
Zero-G - Sound Bites - Voice Overs
Zero-G - Sounds of the 70s
Zero-G - Alien Skies
Zero-G - Darks Skies
Zero-G - Deep Impact
Zero-G - Other Worlds
Zero-G - The Vault

Ghosthack - Ultimate Foley Sounds
Ghosthack - Ambient Motion
Ghosthack - Ambient Motion 2
Ghosthack - Ambient Soundscapes
Ghosthack - Clear Drums
Ghosthack - Coriolis Effect
Ghosthack - Coriolis Effect 2
Ghosthack - Unique Drum Collection

Singomakers Ragga Jungle
JST Gang Vocals
Joey Sturgis - Truth Custom "Black and Gold"

DJ Nu-Mark - Creme de la Crate
DJ Ritchie Ruftone - Yo! Cuts #09 12"
DJ Ritchie Ruftone - Ultimate Drum Loops
DJ Muzzell - Reality Breaks

DJ studio:

pair of Citronic PD-1 turntables
pair of Ortofon Concorde Pro S styli
Behringer DJX-750 mixer
Reloop RH-2500 headphones
Renkforce E-SA 9 Hi-Fi amplifier
Fenton SHFB55B Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers

Production studio in 1995-2001:

Production equipment:

Amiga 1200 HDD MC68030 50MHz 8MB Fast
Commodore monitor
generic PC speakers
generic Amiga sampler

Virtual studio:

DIGI Booster PRO
Audio Sculpture
Music Line
Audio Master