Laffik's MP3 releases

Dubstep Adventure (2021)

This album is Laffik's entry in the zone of dubstep style. Heavy basslines made of crossover distortion, smoothed beats, tuned ragga vocals and modular workflow. This all mixed at 140BPM.
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DNB Adventure vol. 4 (2021)

Fourth part of drum and bass series. Modular workflow. Tracks are made of audio clips, which are made of separate projects. Each project is full of synthesizers and effects. Each track, containing dozen of rendered clips, is far richer in sounds and effects, than track composed in usual way. Workflow imitating Fruity Tracks, Music Maker or eJay. 169BPM and structures being variations of permutations of usual drum and bass track structure. Excessive use of NI Reaktor and crossover distortion bass.
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DNB Adventure vol. 3 (2021)

Third part of drum and bass series. Tracks made of samples from samplepacks and crossover distortion bass.
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Surplus Dimension vol. 4 (2021)

Fourth part of the cycle. The conclusions.
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Surplus Dimension vol. 3 (2020)

Third part of cycle. The digressions.
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Surplus Dimension vol. 2 (2018)

Continuation of Surplus Dimension. This album contain main parts of cycle.
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Surplus Dimension (2017)

Album about higher dimensions and it's influence on daily day to day life. Titles relate to unique situations observed in UK. Album contain beats smoothed spectrally with subbas and accoustic drums beefed up with VST instruments and effects. Permutations of structure of intro-main-break-power.
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Protected (2015)

Protected is album created while considering subjects around protection and danger of lack protection. Tracks fall into three categories: melodical hits, ambient soundscapes and beats. Harmonized melodies, spectrally smooth beats and subbas.
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Richmond Delight (2015)

This maxisingle is a tune whistled off spontainously and recorded one sunny day in June. Album contain 12 editions of a melody played on virual trumpet. Very positive mood and vibe.
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Rob Underground Rattler (2015)

Rob Underground Rattler is three part extended single with drum and bass tracks equalized in cepstral spikes. Tracks are good example of smoothness of spectrum. 172BPM tracks finetuned to 49Hz, spooky ambient scapes and accoustic, recorded percussive sounds.
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Four Corners Of The Earth (2014)

As album cover suggests album is flower of human factor of jazz melodies framed into massive frames of technics of arangement, instrumentalization and mastering. Album contains 16 instrumental tracks. Four having pop-hit composition, four having beat-like composition and another eight that have composition of contemporary classical pieces. Album is performed on VST synthesizers, physical emulators and romplers with acoustic samples. Structure of album oscilates and contain lively hits and beats separated with calm and moody classical tracks performed on VST instruments. Four of classical tracks have evolving structure, moving listener from calmness to vividness by build-up of melody. Symbolic clue of the album are different places on earth separating people from each other and from their homes and travels they make. Album also contain influences of seasons of the year and reasons for leaving home looking for job, going for army conscription or sailing to the poles of the earth.
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Key To My Realm (2013)

Electroacoustic album created in digital domain using acoustic and electronic sounds combined together in convolver, similar to the one that Laffik programmed in 1997. 14 instrumental tracks with melodies and chord progressions switching the role of leading and accompanying. Deep subbas basslines. Sounds filtered of first partial and equalized drums. Sounds generated in convolver truly simulating acoustic musical instruments like violin, horn and brass using physical acoustic method of separate sampling of resonator and exciter.
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Numeric Nature (2012)

Contemporary classical album composed on wide range of electronic instruments. Sampled synthesizers, keyboards, VST emulations and physical emulations of acoustic instruments.
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d(-_-)b A D V E N T U R E I I (2011)

Continuation of d'n'b Adventure album recorded in 2005. Drum and Bass rhythms, equalized basslines, equalized, layered and dynamically expanded drums finetuned to 49Hz, tempo set to 176BPM, club-oriented structure and modern sound design.
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Digital Simulations (2010)

Album composed of sounds of virtual plugins digitally simulating acoustic instruments. Shuffled rhythms, equalized drums, modern sound design. All composition performed in tempo 120BPM and finetuned to 49Hz.
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Weird Things (2007)

Yass style tracks performed live in Native Instruments Absynth. Variety of sounds and improvisation techniques. Large set of short compositions.
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Finetuned Pitch Numbers (2006)

Layered, dynamically expanded and finetuned drums. Some of all recursive structures and sequences built on Amiga 1200 and Digi-Booster Pro. Deep subbas. Deep drum hits. Succesing tracks have deeper and deeper finetuning along the album and tempo is slowing down making relaxing sequence of tracks.
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Fractas (2006)

Recursive structures. Fractal algorythm used for creating notes of these compositions. Free rhythm and melodic sounds. Dynamic sequencing acting dramatically with tempo and volume.
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Angel (2006)

Progressive, melodical album performed on VST instruments. Oldskool breakbeat and dance as well as beatless tracks. 63 minutes long trip from heaven to earth and back.
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Rock Classical Middle Ages (2006)

Fusion of dance, classical and rock music with jazz leads performed on virtual plugins and physical emulation of acoustic instruments. One hour long travel to middle ages and back.
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DNB Adventure (2005)

Drum and bass tracks made using modular workflow. Tracks made of audio clips prepared in FLStudio and Renoise mixed together.
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