Laffik's Latest

DJ Septigenix presents Break Suktive System

Chunky drum and bass stuff from Laffik under stylish aliases. FLStudio, Jungle Warfare CDs, DJ Nu-Mark and DJ Ritchie Ruftone vinyls, crossover distortion bass, Tone2 synthesizers and modular mix. Cepstrum and beaucoup of most CPU-expensive sounds and effects of synths with heaviest consumption of resources.

Laffik - Hardstyle Funk vol. 1, 2, 3 and 4

Hardstyle tracks made in FLStudio and Renoise with Behringer machines - RD-9, RD-8, RD-6 and TD-3-MO-AM.

Unrecognized Hardcore - Kinetic Devolution

Electronic beat made in Behringer machines - RD-9, RD-8 and pair of TD-3 (TD-3-BK and TD-3-TG).

Flux K. - Tritatopia

Dark drum and bass roller with ROMpler orchestra.

Selecta Smith - Glitch Nicka

Dark drum and bass. Dark as dark thoughts in the evening.

Break Intent - Shothagenix Disikta

Dark drum and bass. Speciality for hazy beginning of the new year.

Gary Masiman - Big Underground

Dark drum and bass. Speciality for new year celebration.

Original System - Project Empire

Drill bass, chunky beat acoustic crash and chimes.

Dialotek - Charlie Genetopia

Laffik's creation. Drill bass and chunky beat.

Laffik feat. HEMANIFEZT - World Endz

Laffik's collab with HEMANIFEZT.

Laffik feat. Donnie Ozone - Skate God

Laffik's collab with Donnie Ozone.

Delta Audio - Triseptic Machine

New Laffik's creation, drum and bass roller.

Laffik - Renegade Principle

Drum and bass track assembled with Laffik's new methods.

Laffik - Deeper Drop

Drum and bass dub roller made by Laffik.

Massive Feedback Loops (2017 version)

Dubstep track composed on oscillators and shaper with equalization.

Invention in C major

Short invention composed by gradation of intervals arranged for piano.

Invention in C minor

Short invention composed by gradation of intervals arranged for lead, chords and bass. For headphones.


One of the first tracks made in Renoise. Track composed for Indamixx competition in 2009.